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Natural Soap

About Laraé Personal Care

Since our first day in business, Laraé Personal Care has been offering our customers the best selection of skincare and haircare products at reasonable prices for your entire family. From our moisturizing butters to our nourishing oils, our products have become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of aromatic scents to choose from.

The goal of the company is to promote a healthy lifestyle because we believe everyone deserves it – this is why we were established to create products without all the harsh chemicals.  Check out our items and start shopping today so that you can make Larae Personal care products part of your daily regimen!


Ebony Larai


A native New Yorker, Ebony Larai created

Laraé Personal Care while residing in Harlem.  After many years of getting her hair chemically treated in order to straighten it, she made the tough decision to grow out her relaxer. 

During the start of her natural hair journey, she researched the best products and ingredients to grow and maintain natural, healthy hair.  She then raided her cabinet and noticed a vast majority of the products she had consisted of those with harsh chemicals and ingredients she could not pronounce.  She threw away all of the products that were not good for her hair or skin for that matter. 

With a strong desire to be creative and hands-on, she obtained high quality ingredients and began formulating products for herself and her family.  Now she is overjoyed and grateful to be able to offer her products to you!

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